Work on research tirelessly

ARSLA is the 1st french association who's fighting against the Amyotophic Lateral Sclerosis ( ALS ) also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. ( We tell you more about this neuro-degenerative disease without any cure in the next part )

Association has been created by a common idea between one patient and his neurologist in front of this urgent situation due to this disease which is still in the shade : urgency of treatment, urgency of better diagnostic, urgency of better nursing, financing and more informations. It's to help people who are attack by this disease which you can do nothing that ARSLA is born : together, be solid to find a solution as quickly as possible

30 years later it's sill a reality, a necessity

- 1 goal, 2 missions -

Support research

In France, hundreds of researchers and clinicians work promptly on the SLA with the support of ARSLA , more than 7 millions euros has been invested. Association has won scientist community loyalty who the work is well known in the world.

Escort patient and their close family

As well as " SLA CENTER " , the association give important means for the patient. Then some material can be lend and volunteer bring some helps to the patient and their family

Priority is to give to ARSLA the notoriety that patients deserve to develop our ressources which are insufficient for this challenge.

Marie Léon - ARSLA President

- Numbers -

6 000 000

6 millions euros has been deposit for the ALS


170 research project

26 000

26 000 patients and close family got support of ARSLA

1985 - 2018

33 years of action



"Oh yeah, i've heard about it".

ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is an unknown disease, that only few people are able to describe. It's part of subject that we prefer avoid to talk about, one the disease who should not exist.

Maybe you know it known as « Maladie de Charcot » (Name of the scientist who discovered it in 1865). In USA / Canada it's known as Lou Gehrig's disease , famous baseball player dead in 1941. But it will more demonstrative to quote the surprising exemple of the famous Stephen Hawking, this brilliant astrophysicist who lived 52 years with this disease despite the poor chance of surviving.

ALS is a neuro degenerative disease wich we still don't know her origin. and at this time got any solution to be cured. The process is complex, but we could try to explain simply saying that the ALS is the " progressive death " of the neurons who control and steer the muscle.

ALS presents as progressive paralysis. She affect also the phonation and swallowing. One essential characteristic of ALS is apart from motor function she doesn't attack the nervous system. Your body is dying but your brain is 100% in good health.

It's kind of disease with somber pronostic and the end is tragic after 3 of 5 years of evolution ( on average ) . Evolution is progressive but unpredictable. By the huge handicap she create and the fatality induced, ALS is an ordeal for the patient and the close family.

150 after the discovery, ALS still don't get any treatment !

Only the "Riluzole" seems to be efficient to slow down evolution. Others treatment has been tried, without success. But the research are very dynamic and new treatment are always testing.

Stephen Hawking
a new energy in the stars ?

Here is an unexplained case, certainly the most famous
Stephen Hawking, brilliant astrophysicist as been diagnosticated when he was 22 years old, things extremely rare because this disease only attack people from 40 to 70 years.
At this time, doctors gave him only 2 years to live, he defied all law of science and died at 76 years old, so fifty years later

While his body was dying, his brain still untouched pushed away the physician barrier.
With is PhD, he made research about the most important things for him : Time. Today we owe him some of the most remarkable theories about universe.

You might have seen the movies about him and his life, first real spotlight on the disease ?

"The theory of everything "

Le jour de la signature du partenariat

Our Fight

Like the 6000 patients in France and the 150 000 in the world, plus close family, we are part of people touched by this disease. My mother [Delphine] died at 49 years old by lightning form of ALS, the process took only few month instead of few years.

Because we didn't know cette maladie until this time, because patient and family deserve to be support, to anybody feel alone in front of this fatality and specially to don't become a fatality we want to help ARSLA wich support people who are suffering and the research.

Give to ARSLA the notoriety that patients deserve to develop our ressources which are insufficient for this challenge.

What if we raise funds with an original way ?


We both grew up in sport's environment, we always love challenges, those you need to push your limits and teach you with work some things are possible. It with this conviction and the desire to help who gave rise to our project : a sport challenge done in all the world.

" Bring Sally up , bring Sally down ... "

At first glance just lyrics from a simple song of Moby, but when we add some fitness movement to realize in rhythm it become harder, even more when those movements are squat and push-up ! The aim is simple : the music starts, let's go. "Up", we go up "down", we go down ! At this moment it's us against 3m30, it's the fight against ALS : it's our body against the time

Stop talking, let's show you exemple below !

OK but in concrete, how it works ?


One goal is talk about our cause while doing this challenge around the world, in the most unusual places.
We bring Sally up, We bring Sally down, and we record everything ! Pictures and videos will be share on our Facebook page, instagram account and youtube channel.


If you want to tackle the Bring Sally up Challenge to support us or make donation for the research and help thousands of patients it's possible !
And anywhere in the world !

You are the players !

  • On place : The aim is not to do it alone ( but you can ) ! Along our world trip we invite everybody to join us and do the bring sally up challenge. One fundraising is organised straight on the place and we share online all our spot !
  • Everywhere in the world : If you can't join us (no worries we understand) but wish to support us, you can make a donation anywhere via our internet plateforme wich is completely secured
  • Social Media: Bring Sally Up or ALS Challenge, it's also your challenge ! If you want to give more than a donation you can film yourself doing the challenge, share it and that would be repost your video on our social media !

Affected directly or indirectly but this disease, convinced by this project, just a desire to help us... Doesn't matter your motivation and the amount you would give, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Still a lot of challenge to rise before victory. That's why, more than ever, we need your support because without you we couldn't achieve our goals.

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