Our Travel

Hello, do you have any world map please ?

Let's go for a world trip !

For an indeterminate time

It's after few month of reflection, preparation, interrogation that we decided to quit everything to discover the world on our way

But where should we start ?

Mongolia fascinate us and Nepal is a dream, furthermore Asia will fit perfectly with our tiny backpacker's budget. On our wish list the Transsiberian train, unique experience about this journey aboard this centenary train who cross the wild plains of Siberia. Got it ! Transsiberian will open the asian gates and after Siberia, Mongolia's gonna be our second country, then it will be China's turn to reveal us one of the wonder of world before climbing few summits in Nepal.

Next ?

It will be written in the course of time, encounters, desires, troubles... Sometimes it's better to plan nothing and be totally suprised

Our travel philosophy

small budget / amazing aventure

We are convinced that quit everyday life to explore the world doesn't means dang, complication or huge expense ! For this you need to ...

Live local

More than a simple suggestion, , a real obligation ! Today many websites likes couchsurfing, workaway, woofing etc...Enable to meet locals to share, a meal, a night, a mission, moments filled with emotions .

Move by foot, hitchike, bus, train, on yakback

Lack of confort do not deranged us, long distance will enable to upload this blog, encounters will be more authentic, landscape more beautiful, doesn't matter the category on the ticket only the destination needs to be favour

Work on place

Nothing could be more simple with Rien de plus simple avec le "Working Holiday Visa" who allowed you to work and travel in several countries

Bref travel smarter mean travel longer

On a quest for wilds places

where solitude is our biggest wealth

Both dreamers, our desires are more focus on landscape filled by wild nature where human is discreet and where the word " tourist " is still no well known.

Is it only an utopia ?

We believe with strenght that the finest tresors are the road doesn't exist, this place who even google maps don't know, those ancestral villages, those forest made by millenary trees, those volcanoes as dangerous as beautiful, those mountains with no path...This doesn't mean we will skip the " must do " of our planet be visit it in our way.

Out of the beaten track

Almost a motto for us, this sentence represent this travel, we gonna try to go on the hidden place, sheltered from the noise and selfie stick

One travel One Cause

Our fight with ARSLA

We wanted to bring an other dimension to our adventure, so we decided bind ourselves to association ARSLA to raise funds against a disease who killed one of our family's member

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

(known as Lou Gehrig's disease)

We decided to fight with our weapon and doing a sport challenge through the world on symbolics and unusual places, our 2 goals are to get ourselve talked about while posting those challenges on our social media but also raise funds on place and via internet.

" Bring Sally up, bring Sally down..."

More information about this project ?

They support us

thanks to our partners

Leave for an indeterminate time and cross tens of crountries request organisation but also a little bit of help ! During the preparation or during the travel we are glad to be counted on our partners who join our fights.

Zac Des, Les Hunaudières, 72230 Ruaudin, France

111 Rue de Reuilly, 75012 Paris, France

10 Place de Verdun, 65000 Tarbes, France

6252 Breitenbach, Autriche

56, rue Laffitte 75009 Paris, France


170 Avenue Léman Mont-Blanc, 74190 Passy, France


Convinced by our project ? You want to help and join our journey ?