You want to know ? We tell you everything!

Everybody got a story. Something small, few chapter or a real epic, everybody got a story to tell. Because she is part of ourselves and without you couldn't know us, here is our story, how Entre2Pôles is born !

Hundreds of kilometers

- Our life between North and South-

A girl from south, a men from north that's how everything has started. We have been living seperate for a while, because of professional obligation. Maxime was strenght and conditioning coach and sport's teacher in high school. For myself i used to work in tourism, my job was to make people want to discover the " Pyrénées " .

"How you do this, you always keep on moving everywhere !".

During 10 months we lived seperate by 700 kilometers. It was not easy everyday but we didn't give up our job quickly because we knew we needed them to realize our project. It has not been our best year ever but choosed it i : deny ourselves to enjoy after. In fact, we you know what you are doing and why, it seems less difficult.

Lot of people told us their everyday life weighs on them, they would move moreBeaucoup nous disent que leur quotidien leur. But when we don't move we work and finally we are happy with that because we know it will be useful ! And adventure deserve some sacrifice isn't it?

And thanks "SNCF".

So yes, we take those trains ( thanks SNCF to be part of our relation) and those carshare, we do all the kilometers on alternated weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. Every weekend is a chance, every holiday new opportunity to do what we love. We don't see each other all day so we try to enjoy all moment. Hey ! In two days we gonna be seperate again, out of questions that we stay on the couch !

One weekend we go north, going to the Ocean and the wild coast, if we are in south let's trek in the Pyrénées

That was our beginning, that was us, we've been evolving between north & south, those 2 poles who characterize our story.

And after, how quit everything to travel ?

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During a journey in Scotland in October 2017, we got a sudden idea to share adventures. We choose the name the name " From North & South ", reference to our story. We loved that name but more we were listening our family / friends pronounce it, more we thought we might change it. ( French accent ... )

"Oh yes your name, frome norss saouss!" 😐

The following has been simple. You got the idea, we love life, we can't stay in one place and we need adventures, meet new cultures, climb different mountains. As well as beer and "saucisson" we always loved that, when we talking to each other we just realize that our common desire was to leave together. You know what ? We finish our jobs and we go !

From North&South to Entre2Pôles, a new name for a huge project : the one to discover the world, one way ticket in our pocket, one backpack, a mind full of dreams and body who's full of impatience.

Going out of the beaten tracks, enjoy the world who is not on the postcard, show like we can travel differently and without to much money. Go to meet local people, their culture, travel simple, travel real. That's what is running on our mind like mongolian's horses. After few month about reflexion it was decided : we gonna leave to do what we wish instead of stay and doing what we must do

Explore, share, meet... With that project everything got a new dimension

At the beginning it was only our simple adventure with few photos on instagram. Then this simple sharing got a real occupation with more journeys, more stories to tell and more people interested.

Step by step we said to ourselves " why not ? " . And after quit our jobs, we got focused on this new activity. Our North&South grew up and progressed, the adventure begun to materialize with the name of Entre2Pôles.

The following is progressing day after day, without real limits, spatial or temporal. Just between 2 continents, between 2 cultures, between 2 bus, between 2 treks, between 2 yaks, between 2 pints... Between 2 poles !

Explore, live, discover... for us, but not only !

- Fight for life -

Fight for a right cause, try to get things moving : as well as travel and sport, that's something matters for us.

Through this world trip project, we bring together all those 3; A travers ce projet de tour du monde nous avons associé les trois : "we will realize one sport challenge everywhere on earth to raise funds ".
Few months before leaving, we went to Paris to reveal our project and sign a partnership with the association ARSLA.

The south pole


Passionate about travels and mountains, i love wild place and climb to the summit since i was a child. Pyrénées are like my home.

I enjoy disocer, learn, taste et i'm curious about everything. Even if i love my home ( thanks the south, the mountains, the local food, the craft beer and the saucisson) you understand why it's been a while that my heart wanted to fly over border ( or climb, jump, whatever )

I always been attract by wild landscape who makes a lot of adventure possible : treks, rock climbing, kayak, roadtrips, canyon... So if you want to makes me happy you can bring me to Nepal, Iceland, Patagonia, West America, Siberia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Ireland ( it's the best value beer / wild place ) Kirghizistan, Peru, Chile, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Norway... In fact i'm not really difficult person.

You got that i really enjoy sports and i have the fidgets, i studied in sport's university for my bachelor then i moved to tourism for my master, wich was perfect for me
Before going to world trip i used to work in an agnecy who's doing roadtrips in the Pyrénées

The north pole


Brought up in the region where our drug is the famous " rillette " and where every june we loved relive the story of Michel Vaillant, i was not really destined to wild place, however ...

Naturally really ( to much ? ) dynamic, i love move everywhere and bring everybody who's around for a beer, a barbecue, a journey, a bullshit... since i was a child ! I love watch, learn and share, 3 characteristics who describe well my travel's philosophy.

If i must choose one country, that would be the one with the generosity of New Zealand, the fauna of Namibia, mountains of Nepal, music of Cuba, roads of Scotland, nothern light of Iceland and cheese of Pyrénées. I know you might think i'm strict but in reality few days in Brittany makes me the happiest man on earth ( specially f there is cider and " galette " ). I love climb in buge place, empty of tourist where nature is the truth, i love drive on wild road and i dream to do skydiving by myself to see the world from the sky.

All those desires leads me to sports university with a bachelor in my home town and a master degree in the Pyrénées. So yes, my graduations allowed me to work like a physical education teacher, strength / conditioning coach and also meet the one who i'm sharing all adventures.